Friday, August 7, 2009

Restaurant Review by Will

Hi, Will again. Today is Day V(5) of our trip. We stopped at a restaurant called The Windjammer. There was lots of crazy people(AC/DC fans) attending a nearby (30 minutes away) AC/DC concert. We encountered lots of people at the restaurant who were planning to go there after they ate.

Anyway, the restaurant.
We walked in, were offered a booth seat, and sat down (the tables are on wheels so getting in and out is much easier). The menu is a 100 mile menu. All the products are from within 100 miles. We all ordered (my meal was half price if I ordered from the ‘adult’ menu instead of the kids menu which was full of junk food from the bar beside it)and they asked what we wanted to drink. My mom and Mike got wine. I said I wanted apple juice (to go with the apple cider drizzled on my salmon main course), but the waiter must have overheard my conversation with my mom(I was talking about shirley temples) and said she would specially mix me a shirley temple. The food was great. after we were given pink lemon sorbet(free) and then we ordered dessert. I ordered a vegan chocolate cake slice(yum!) and she asked me if I wanted milk with it. I said yes.
When the bill came we got free chocolate truffles(yum!) I saw both the milk and the shirley temple were both free!
My ratings:

Service:5 out of 5
Food:4 out of 5

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