Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 19: Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost the only fun in arriving at a campground late is finding out what you’ve paid for in the morning. This time when the sun came up and we emerged from our cocoon, we were amazed to find ourselves only 15 metres or so from a beautiful beach! Kona Beach turned out to be a lovely, big, treed campground with a playground, snack bar, mini-putt course, free showers, and flower gardens. There were tons of people and kids, and rather than rush out, we hung out a bit, taking our time getting cleaned up, and playing mini-putt.

We drove as far as Badger before lunch, stopping at Kellie’s, which “Where to Eat in Canada” says has the best road food in Newfoundland. Although they offer Chinese food, we had great hamburgers and a “mess”, which turned out to be poutine with stuffing, onions, and wieners as well as the usual fries, cheese, and gravy. It was pretty tasty, but not something I’d want to eat often!

On the ride to St. John’s I thought I was suffering from carsickness, but it turned out to be some kind of illness. By the time we arrived I had a fever and nausea, and was no good for touristing, so Mike found us a campsite in Pippy Park and I retreated “upstairs” (in the higher-level bed up in the poptop) for the rest of the day. The guys explored the park and played mini-golf (twice in one day!).

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