Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 2: Monday, August 3, 2009

There was a second sign we hadn't noticed in the Wal-Mart window, saying that they'd be open on the holiday Monday at 9am! So, they missed our morning business, and we went next door to the Superstore for cereal and milk (and washrooms).

It was a heavy driving day, blasting through almost all of Quebec. At Montreal we headed south onto highway 20, to follow the southern edge of the St. Lawrence river, which surprised us with its brown waters. I saw many small farms and weather-beaten houses, and each little town had its own silvery church spire marking its spot above the trees.

We stopped for lunch just past Montreal when we crossed a surprisingly pretty river below a bridge, with a convenient information centre where I picked up a guide to the 77 fromageries in Quebec, and we made our sandwiches to tide us over for dinner. (New addition to the ten-year plan; learn French and spend a month eating cheese in Quebec.)

We wanted to stop in the tiny town of Le Bic for dinner, but the restaurant we had in mind is closed on Monday. We ended up further on in Sainte-Flavie, along the Gaspe peninsula, at a restaurant called La Gaspesiana. It was a fairly upscale restaurant in a hotel, with amazing views of the sea, and absolutely wonderful food.

It was late by the time we were on the road again and thinking about where to sleep for the night, but it was only about half an hour on the road that we found a campground with a proprietor who was still awake to take our $25 and point us to a slot just about 25 feet from the highway. At least there were flush toilets, and we knew within a couple of hours of leaving in the morning, we'd be in the Maritimes!

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