Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 7: Saturday, August 8, 2009

We decided that the Look Off was pretty close to a perfect campground, and that we would stay for another night. That meant the day would be spent doing stuff around the campground, perhaps something in the area, and some chores such as laundry.

First on the agenda was the pancake breakfast in the cafe. Will wanted to play Mini-Golf, but it didn’t open until 11:30am, so we tried the archery clinic first. It was great - for $5 each we got a two-hour lesson, with plenty of opportunity to shoot. The leader of the clinic was a retired high-school teacher, so we did a bit of bonding over that. He said I was a “natural” at archery, but he probably gets a lot of kids Will’s age at the clinics, and says that to all the parents! Will was able to show off his skills from his previous archery course.

After Mini-Golf we had a “special” lunch of hot dogs, and did a load of laundry.

We did get out and visit an area attraction later - the Prescott House Museum, which has quite a good collection of samplers dating right back to 1800 or so. It had been restored in the 1930’s, and it was interesting to see that little bit of 1930 mentality layered on to old 1800’s architecture.

On the way back we passed the Fox Hill Cheese House, so had to stop for some local cheese - Havarti, in this case - and also gelato, which doesn’t seem like cheese to me, but was selling briskly.

We had sandwiches for supper and gave some milk to “Cheap Charlie”, the three-legged cat that’s one of the stranger attractions of the Look Off campground. The girl at the gift shop pointed out that he wasn’t really all that cheap, so I guess his missing leg is due to misadventure rather than the way we has born. It doesn’t seem to slow him down much, and he hops up on picnic tables with no problem when there is ice cream to be shared. In the evening our next-door neighbours, Gerry and Rose, invited us over to share their bonfire. We ended up sitting with them for a couple of hours, and trading phone numbers - they live in Halifax, and are going to be in Toronto in October. We got to bed a bit late, after going out to look off the viewpoint to see the lights of the Acadian shore down below us.

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