Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 20: Friday, August 21, 2009

My fever was gone in the morning, but I was still not well, especially after a broken night of sleep. Pippy Park was booked full for that night (being Friday, and it’s obviously well-loved by locals), so we packed up and tried to find the visitor information centre in St. John’s. That didn’t work, but we ended up on Signal Hill, and got the information we needed from the helpful girl there.

Mike booked a B&B for the night and delivered me there, to sleep away the day and recover from whatever was wrong with me. It was a gorgeous, big old house in St. John’s, but apparently administered by a local hotel; an arrangement that seems to work quite well.

I’m not quite sure what the guys did all day, but I’ve asked them to write something up about it. I hated being in St. John’s and not being able to get out and see it! My fever came back, and I took more Tylenol, and I slept. I know they brought me back chinese food at dinnertime, and I was able to eat quite a bit of soup (a supposed hot-and-sour soup that tasted like sweet’n’sour chicken balls would if they were soup) and a bit of everything else.

I think we all appreciated sleeping in a real bed that night, unlimited hot water close at hand, and the thought of a hot breakfast in the morning!

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