Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 23: Monday, August 24, 2009

Here's Will playing with Bubbles at the Fredericton Science Centre, our first stop of the day. This is one of the centres that has a reciprocal agreement with the Ontario Science Centre, so we get in for free (the one in Halifax was the other one we visited this trip).

After the Science Centre we had lunch at Chez Riz, a Where to Eat in Canada east indian place in Fredericton. Living just steps from Little India we (or I, let's be honest) are pretty picky about our Indian food. This was just excellent, though, and I was pretty pleased about my chicken Tandoori that came not just with rice, but dal and spinach & potato.

I spent a month in Fredericton in the summer of 1986, but I spent it on the UNB campus and don't remember one whit about downtown.

After lunch we managed to find the Briggs & Little factory and outlet store, where I somehow neglected to take a single picture. The current mill is sadly modern-looking, considering their history going back to 1857, although surprisingly small. It has a perfectly bucolic setting with the millstream running next to it, running musically under a bridge and into a pond across the road. I bought nine skeins of wool, but with their ridiculously low outlet prices, all nine cost me less than any other single skein of wool I bought on the trip! I especially enjoyed digging through the seconds bin for skeins at $2 each, and next time I'm feeling stashless perhaps I'll email them and ask them to send me 10 random skeins from the bin.

We set off north, back towards Quebec, and by the time the sun was setting we were driving along the banks of the St. Lawrence, looking for camping. We finally found it, after some frustration, in a large and well-run campground in Riviere-Ouelle.

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