Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 3: Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We were up and off in the morning, driving through fairly wild and hilly parts of Quebec that looked a lot like Scotland. There were many people flyfishing on the Matapedia River that we drove along. We hit New Brunswick right around lunchtime, but missed our lunch hour when the time changed from 11:30 in Quebec to 12:30 in the Atlantic time zone. We crossed over a nice big bridge into Campbellton, where we had our sandwiches and stopped at the Information Centre for a double fistful of pamphlets on camping and attractions.

We took the shore road (134, I think), otherwise known as the Acadian coastal trail. The proud Acadian heritage is very evident here, with almost every house having at least a five-pointed star on it, and some decked out in flags, bunting, and every conceivable combination of blue, red, and white with a gold star. Although we're out of Quebec now, every establishment greets us with "bonjour" or "bon soir", so Mike and I are still embarrassedly bringing out our high-school French to attempt to order and ask directions.

We stopped to camp and have dinner in Caraquet, where we found a lovely campsite right on the water. After checking in we finally got our feet wet in the sea, catching various little "dudes" (as Will calls them) and avoiding a couple of jellyfish. Supper was not a "Where to Eat in Canada" meal, but we filled up on tasty fresh seafood a stone's throw from the boats that presumably caught it.

Sunset at our campsite, #77 in Caraquet:

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  1. Can you believe it? You passed by us a little bit after Campbelltown. We were visiting my sister in law's family for two days. NExt time we'll hook you up with Google Lattitude! :)
    Cheers, and enjoy the vacation,