Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 3; on the Beach

Hi, it’s Will here. Today we spent a hour or two on our campgrounds beach.
We found lots of amazing animals. First we found some small,transparent minnow-like fish that we suspected were shrimp. Me and Mike started trying to catch them to get a closer look. We found it was difficult to catch them, but when a large one ran onto my big toe (which scared the HECK outta me) I noticed it had lots of legs and had 2 arms with large pincers on the ends. I then thought, ‘how do we know that it’s not just a baby lobster??’ which made me think, ‘where DO lobsters come from?’ so our guess is they were baby lobsters. Our next discovery were small (we think) creatures that looked lots like 2 small holes in the bottom of the sand. When you make a big commotion near it the holes close, and open soon after. When we tried to dig them up, they drop under the sand. Mike suggested that it might be a part of a bigger creature that would be buried below.

I also learned how to flick stones across the water. I did it twice and then I started messing up. But, hey! I’m next to water for a whole month!

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  1. Hey Will,
    Those small little crustaceans, I think are hermit crabs. I belive razor clams were the ones whose holes you saw. They really are difficult to dig out. The move fast.